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Newhaven Capital Advisors provides financial planning, business consulting and investment advice to  business owners and individuals, primarily in Columbus, Ohio. We channel the power of financial information into goal-based, actionable plans, empowering our clients to maximize business value, save with confidence and keep more of what they earn.

Our service philosophy reflects our values and professional character, which are firmly rooted in the CPA profession. Leaders in personal financial advice for more than 100 years, CPAs are highly regarded for their integrity, technical knowledge and high professional standards.

For us, this means that we pledge to always act with our client’s best interests in mind. Because we don’t sell financial products or accept any compensation from third parties, we can eliminate conflicts of interest and focus on objective, practical advice.

Our three service areas, investment management, personal financial planning, and business succession planning, help clients develop a vision of financial success, and take proactive, meaningful steps to achieve that vision. With proven processes and innovative technology tools, our clients gain the insight and clarity they need to live purposeful financial lives.