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We provide independent, unbiased financial advice that empowers our clients to save with confidence and keep more of what they earn

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Investing advice is only as good as the core values behind it. See what makes us unique.


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We don't sell financial products. We specialize in delivering confidence and peace of mind.


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Succession planning ensures that your hard work will be fully rewarded. It's never too early to start.


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We combine cutting-edge web capabilities with real relationships and personalized service.


Welcome to Newhaven Capital Advisors. We are an independent advisory firm, rooted in the CPA profession, working to bring real, positive change to the world of financial planning and investing. We know that in order to give our clients the objective, conflict-free advice they deserve, we have to do things differently.

We take a fiduciary pledge to always act in the best interests of our clients. Among financial advisors, only the CPA profession requires this level of care in all that we do, including the management of a client’s investments.

Our investing strategies reflect current evidence-based research, which shows that active stock picking and market timing can be harmful to your portfolio. The passive approach we take to investing provides stable, market-based returns, while significantly reducing commissions, expenses and taxes.

We embrace technology to help us provide insight that others can’t. Our clients can view all of their invested assets, including 401(k), pension and college savings plans, updated daily, in one secure place. And our interactive, web-based planning tools ensure that, together, we can create a clear picture of financial success.

Our fees are simple and transparent. We engage directly with our clients and don’t accept compensation from any other source. All of our fees are fixed, hourly or project-based, and agreed to in advance.

Experience client-centered financial advice, backed by the industry designation that stands for more than 100 years of integrity, competence and high professional standards: the CPA.

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